The Patience of Time

We live in a world that is travelling at a faster pace each and every day. Our daily hustle and bustle pushes us, drives us, motivates us to constantly do more and do it quicker. We are driven by time or lack of it, in a society of instant gratification we seldom have the time to stop, take a deep breath and smell the real and proverbial roses planted and grown by our forefathers.

Life was simpler in those days, or was it? Understanding the pressures created by a multitude of time consumers in our daily lives gives us insight into what tries our patience. Losing our patience as a result of time constraints is common today.

How are Time and Patience Related

Stress and time
Stress and Time

Time – we know it as a measurable entity in our lives from the hours to minutes to seconds.

Patience – its something we usually wish we had more of, its our ability to stay calm, to not overreact but glide along effortlessly with the ebb and tide of life. How are the two intertwined?

Have you ever noticed that when you are running short on time, the pressure is mounting, you have to get somewhere or get something done right now, your patience is almost in direct relation to the time you have to do something. That is as your time decreases so does your patience. When you have hours to complete a task, your patience level is high, take the completion time for that task down to minutes and your patience level has also decreased, move the completion time to seconds and your patience is hanging by a thread if you have any left at all. Thus, the phrase “the patience of time”.

Our Daily Time

Time through the hourglass

Let’s be honest life is hectic. With the technology we have today, our lives should be simpler and they are in some respects. The downside of all this technology is there is no escape, no break, we have access to our work, email, the internet, movies, music, friends and family 24/7.

With the invention of the smart phone we are now plugged into all areas of our lives without interruption. From the time we wake until the time we close our eyes we have the ability to stay connected. With that connection comes a tremendous amount of pressure to do more, just check one more thing, read one more email from work, check in with one more friend on social media. Without any down time, we are constantly in a “Go-go-go” mode. Then we turn our phones off seconds before going to bed and lay awake wondering why we can’t instantly go to sleep, our mind is still racing at a full sprint.

Our Daily Patience

There are days when I am amazed that I have kept my composure, remained calm and patient past the first sip of coffee first thing in the morning.

With everything pushing and pulling us constantly in varying directions, the ability to keep one’s patience is almost a super human feat. How can we remain calm, we have so much to get done. The more we have to do and the later it gets in the day, the shorter our fuse becomes.

If any of you live near Murphy (Murphy’s Law) you understand the old adage all too well – “anything that can possibly go wrong, does”. For me personally it always seems to go wrong when time is also running out. Naturally the more that goes wrong the more time it takes and the more time it takes the more my patience disappears.

It is truly a vicious cycle where we sometimes start out with zero patience and make it a day to remember as time will invariably not be on our side.

Keeping Your Time and Patience

I will be blatantly honest, I have not invented a time machine, I don’t know how to stop or turn back time, sorry to those of you hoping for that miracle.

So if time is out of the equation because we cannot really control it to any degree and there is a limited amount of time each day, you cannot add any extra, what do you do? If time is fixed each day, what can we control…Our Patience.

We can have as much or as little patience as we want or work at keeping. Are there days that we are going to be ready to throw in the towel or throw our coffee mug across the room first thing in the morning, ABSOLUTELY!!

Surprisingly the more patience we have the more time we seem to have, it may be an illusion or there may be something to it. If we keep our cool, stay calm, exhibit patience we don’t waste time and energy getting upset.

How do you keep your patience when the world seems to be against you? First take a deep breath, slow down your thinking, realize that by rushing you are putting yourself in a position to create more issues. If you can keep calm, stay focused on what you need to do, you significantly reduce the chance of something going wrong. Secondly recognize that the people in the situation are not a target for your lack of patience. We often lash out at those closest to us when our patience has left the building. Thirdly and honestly firstly, trust in the Lord, believe that where you are and what you are doing at this very moment was meant to happen, both the good and bad. Accepting that life has its moments and those moments are meant to happen, takes away the disappointment and destructiveness. Your faith and acceptance of the situation as its meant to be, all components of it will give you an inner calm, you will be overflowing with patience, time will be on your side.


Our forefathers did not have all the technological distractions we have today. They had other constraints that affected their time and most certainly tried their patience. Time never changes, there are only so many hours in each day, the demands of the day will try our patience. Losing control of our patience will cause us to waste valuable time on excess emotions. There is only one inner calm that can bestow upon you the patience necessary to survive our hectic, fast paced and demanding lives. Trust in God as God has trusted in you!!

Trust in God


Coping With the Loss of My Dog Marlee


One of the hardest moments we as pet owners must face is that fateful time when our beloved pets have come to the end of their loyal and faithful lives. Their lives are spent pleasing us, entertaining us, loving us, all without condition or expectation. Their love is pure, true, no strings attached.

How do you prepare yourself for that difficult day when the decision must be made to ease their suffering, to allow them to pass on with dignity and self-respect? When is the right time, how will we know?

My Dearest Marlee

This blog was inspired by the recent passing of my dearest canine friend and companion of 14 years…Marlee.

She was a beautiful black lab. Her loyalty knew no limits, her love knew no boundaries. She lived her life the way every dog should, with unconditional love. We could learn a lot from the love and loyalty of our faithful canine companions.

She never whimpered or complained even in her waning years. She lived to play fetch, chasing a stick, a ball anything that could be thrown with relentless pursuit. She would jump in the car or truck not caring where or how far we went as long as she was there. Happy to share any food or treat you were having, maybe even placing her muzzle on your knee if she thought you didn’t quite notice her.

Her morning routine was to walk the outskirts of the property to make sure everything smelt right to her, sometimes rolling in anything that had a particularly gruesome odor. She always came back, she was always there, she greeted you every time you came through the door with the same enthusiasm. Gone for 5 minutes or 5 days made no difference to her, she might bark at you a little bit if you were gone too long as if to say “what took you so long?”.

One look into her eyes revealed a depth of love and loyalty we as humans should seek to replicate. Even when she was suffering from Geriatric Vesitublar Syndrome one night in her latter days she still tried to get up and greet us. She lived her life for us and nothing else. A truer friend you will not find.

On her last fateful morning she obediently laid down on the perfectly positioned blanket at the veterinary’s office. Peacefully her eyelids closed, her breathing slowly faded away, never a whimper, never a complaint, just a quiet and peaceful transition into the afterlife. God Bless you Marlee, I will forever miss you until we meet again.

“What we have once enjoyed, We can never lose;

All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller

Thinking of Them First

Commonly we find ourselves wanting to extend the lives of our pets because we are not ready to let them go. They quickly and profoundly impact our lives, why would we want to lose that? Unfortunately the length of their lives is much shorter than ours which means as lifelong pet lovers we are faced with the prospect of losing many pets over our lifetime.

It never gets any easier, no matter how many times we must face the impending death of our beloved pet. We selfishly hold on to the hope that they are doing okay, they have just slowed down a little. While the desire to keep them around is overwhelming, they will let us know when things are not going well. Somehow without words they will signal it is time.

Sad as it may be, putting their best interest first and thinking about them in the context of not suffering helps ease the decision. Focusing on what they may be going through for pain and suffering is more than enough to re-establish our priorities.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

While there is substantial religious debate about the presence of animals in the afterlife, my personal opinion and belief is that animals are in fact present in God’s kingdom. There are several bible verses that touch on the subject and lead me to believe that one day, given the fact that I accept Jesus into my life, open my heart and soul to his love and forgiveness, I will be reunited with my pets that have gone before me.

Much like our loved ones that pass away, knowing and believing that my beloved Marlee has gone to a better place gives me comfort to get through each day. One day I will see her again, she will be at her very best, running and jumping, playing and loving as she was born to do.


Live your life with the same love, loyalty and faithfulness that our canine companions do. If you believe as I do, rest assured that one day we will all be reunited with our lost pets. They have gone before us to live in God’s kingdom helping to prepare his eternal kingdom for the day we too come home.


2018 – A Positive Year

2018 - A Positive New YearWelcome to 2018, we have officially survived 2017 and put it behind us. We are eagerly planning, setting goals, making resolutions and promising that this year will be different, we are going to accomplish all the things we wanted to last year but everything got in the way. More often than not we get in our own way. Our attitude and mindset predisposes us to a specific outcome.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Your answer to that question says a lot about who you are, the attitude you have each day and your propensity for fulfilling your New Years’s resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions

What is your New Year’s resolution? We start each new year with a breath of fresh air, we erase the doldrums, stress and anxiety of the holidays with a leap into a new/ improved us, a laundry list of self-improvements designed to whip us into perfection.

Essentially we set ourselves up to fail, we set unrealistic goals, we make promises to do things that we don’t really want to do but feel pressured to accommodate. The New Year begins with a bang, we sprint out of the gates, setting the world on fire, much like a sprinter however our burst is short-lived, we quickly run out of steam, we become overwhelmed and little by little revert back to our old habits, before you know it we are back in the same circumstance we were at the end of the previous year.

Sustained Momentum – Progressive Resolutions

What if we approached our New Year’s resolutions like we would a large, complex project at work or at home?

MountainWe wouldn’t even attempt to complete a project of any magnitude in one step, one day or one month. So why do we set ourselves up to fail by attempting to scale the mountain in a single day?

We create these grandiose plans that sound great, make us look motivated, make us feel good about a New Year, a new beginning. Most times however our plans are unrealistic and unsustainable.

What if we set more modest, incremental goals? Each week, each month reevaluate your progress and reestablish your goals. Successfully reaching your modest goals will build momentum, create a positive perception of your New Year’s resolutions and that momentum will catapult you forward to the next goal, the next step. Like a snowball rolling down hill you will gain momentum, picking up speed as you go.

Setting Goals – Baby Steps

How do you determine what is a realistic goal and what is an impossible goal? You have to be honest yourself, be realistic, be specific.

If your New Year’s resolution is to join the gym, there is a good chance that because of the vagueness of the goal, you will join and within a month’s time stop going. Why? Because you never reach your goal, you shoot for the moon but without a tangible, measurable goal you never achieve anything.  You feel good when you join but from there on out it is a let down.

What happens if you break it into small, manageable, measurable goals? Let’s say you do not go to the gym at all right now, is it honest or realistic to believe that all of a sudden you are going to go to the gym 5 days a week? You might do it the first week but chances are you will start to miss your goal early on and with each missed goal, negativity sets in, you become discouraged and your resolution slowly fades away.

Would a more realistic goal be 1 or 2 days a week to start with very specific items to accomplish while you are there? For example on week 1, I am going to the gym 2 days this week and I am going to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes each time. My goal is more than what I am doing now, 2 days a week is realistic given I do not attend the gym at all. At the end of week 1 I will feel better because I have been to the gym twice and exercised for an hour. I reached my goal, I improved my lifestyle by exercising, I am feeling good. Week 2 keep the same goal or slightly increase it, maybe I go the gym 2 days and walk for 45 minutes or an hour each time.

With each completed goal, you build momentum, are inspired to take the next step and before you know it you will be going to the gym 5 days a week, working out and not even realize it. Your physical and mental health will skyrocket, you will be full of positive energy, eager to set and conquer the next goal.

Looking Forward

We have a tendency to look back at the past, the things we didn’t do or achieve. By doing this we create negative thoughts, focusing on all the things that we didn’t accomplish.

Why should we look back? We aren’t going that way. When you are driving your car, do you constantly look behind you when you are moving forward, of course not you would run into something. Same thing applies in life, we cannot go back in time, we cannot change anything that has happened, so why do we focus or get caught up in the past? Keep your focus in front of you, set goals, achieve them, keep moving, keep growing, don’t worry about what has already happened, it will only do one thing, drag you down.


Always put yourself in a position to succeed, always focus on goals that are positive and attainable. Be honest and realistic with yourself. Setting yourself up to succeed puts you in a positive position, it is so much easier to stay positive and upbeat if you are succeeding, winning, conquering your goals. With each small goal attained, you propel yourself through the next goal and before you know it, you have achieved your ultimate goal. Be the best you, you can be, you will be satisfied, you will be happy, you will be positive and from there the positive momentum is unstoppable. Best wishes for an AMAZING 2018!!

Sweet Success