Positive Thinking and Anxiety

Dark DayAnxiety can be an extremely debilitating disorder, causing very real distress, preventing the sufferer from accomplishing even the simplest of tasks. Like a slow spiral out of control, anxiety takes over the situation and the more out of control the sufferer feels, the more anxiety that is present. Ration, logic, basic functions are cut off, shut down, the sufferer becomes paralyzed and essentially loses the ability to function. They cannot focus on anything other than what they perceive to be an insurmountable task, there is no escape, no solution, just despair and hopelessness. The good news, changing our perspective, focusing on the positive, allowing ourselves to have hope and faith can overcome the feelings of despair. It can head off the slow out of control spiral.

Conquering the Beast

Conquering the beastsBefore we can begin to travel the path to positivity we have to understand where we are currently. Anxiety as defined by “Google” is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Not knowing what is going to happen, worrying about the “what ifs?”, preconditioning ourselves for the worst possible outcome and not begin able to allow ourselves to believe there are any options or alternatives, provides a perfect storm for anxiety. We spend much of our lives worrying about things that may never happen and most times never do. What if we had that time back to be constructive, to focus on the things that are happening in the here and now, wouldn’t that be ideal? The center of this inner peace and unequivocal strength is our Lord and Savior, it all starts with him. Cast your worries, your doubts, your fears on him, he will provide you with an inner calm that you have never known.

Erasing the Worry – Building the Positive

We awake each day with a clean slate, a new day, a new set of events. If we are living with anxiety we awake with a sense of foreboding, a very real fear that something bad is going to happen. What if we awoke with a sense of calm, a sense of peace, a sense that whatever happens today was meant to happen and happened for a reason. What if we believed that we are never given more than we can handle, what if we believed that God will always provide for us. He will give us everything we need to navigate through whatever events and obstacles arise in our lives. If you put your faith, trust and love in God you will have all of these things. You will have an inner peace, a calm among the greatest of storms that cannot be understood or described until you live it. I can tell you personally that this transformation is real, it can happen and it can happen to anyone regardless of circumstance. He will give you everything that you need, not necessarily what you want but what you NEED to handle whatever life throws at you.

Surviving the Storm

Being caught in a rain storm without an umbrella is very unpleasant and sometimes unavoidable. What if you could carry with each day an umbrella to protect you from life’s storms. What if that umbrella never faltered, never failed and always protected you. Would that umbrella provide you with a sense of security? Would it enable you to stop worrying about life’s storms? Would it ease your anxiety, give you peace of mind and calm in your soul? God’s love and forgiveness are all of those things, it is unfaltering, unwavering, solid, immovable, impenetrable, impossible to defeat or overcome. Pretty hard to be negative when you have that type of protection on your side.

Today is The Day

What better day than today to change your perspective, to change your faith, to ease your anxiety, protect yourself?

Romans 10:13 “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”.

The first step in changing your perspective, to get yourself on the right path, protect yourself from the evils of this world, ease your anxiety, restore and inner calm and peace, fill your heart and soul with positive energy, hope, love and purpose.

Eternal Positive Hope

Anxiety is the fear of things to come, an uncertainty about the future, future events. By its nature it creates within us an uneasiness, a fear that things are not going to turn out well. It predisposes us to negative thoughts and actions. How can we overcome this fear, how can we push through the anxious thoughts and feelings? By placing our trust in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our faith and commitment to him will provide us with an inner calm, an inner peace that is impenetrable, undefeatable and immovable. It will provide you with a tranquility you have never felt or experienced before in your life. What do you have to lose? God Bless!!!




Positive Words of Encouragement During the Holiday Season

Christmas Tree DecorationsMerry Christmas, my personal preference, Happy Holiday, however you want to say it, the holiday season is upon us. A season that can be especially difficult and discouraging for many. The reasons people find this time of year difficult are as varied as the people who are experiencing a difficult time. A positive word or words of encouragement can make all the difference in the world to someone hanging on by a thread. First and foremost, remember the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ, remember to approach everyone, each situation positive or negative from a position of love. Treat everyone with the consideration and thoughtfulness you wish to receive in return.

The Reason for the Season

Christmas signifies the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, delivered into this world as a human to forever exalt as from all of our sins. When we remember the true reason for this season it facilitates our ability to remain humble, modest and grounded. From a modest and humble position it is easier to give thanks, appreciate all that we have and ultimately provide positive encouragement for the weary, downtrodden and overly discouraged. Remember, everyone has a story and it could be your words, either positive or negative that profoundly impact the next chapter of their story. Stress and anxiety are exceptionally high this time of year, a solid foundation of faith will help you navigate the difficult waters. Your faith can serve as a buoy for those in need of spiritual and emotional help.

Friends and Family

The holidays should be shared with those we love and care for most. Making memories, savoring the time spent with both young and old. Unfortunately too often we are consumed with stress and anxiety leading up to the magical day. Tempers are as short as the winter solstice and words often as hot and fiery as the ash from a freshly burned log. If only we could in those moments of weakness, step back, take a deep breath and remember what is truly important. Christmas day will come and go regardless of the presents purchased and wrapped, the food prepared and cooked or the arrival and departure of our loved ones. Cherish the moment, live in the present, give yourself to staying positive, treat everyone with love and kindness. Our fellow friends and family may need your strength and resolve more than they acknowledge or even realize.

Presents, Presents, Presents

“The power to love is God’s greatest gift to man, for it will never be taken from the Blessed one who loves.” – Khalil Gibran.

The greatest gift you can give anyone is your love. Whether it be children, adults, friends, family or enemies, love is priceless. It cannot be forced upon us or forcibly given to us, we cannot buy it online or in a store. Precious though it may be, it’s strength only marvels its fragility. Loving patience may be the most important gift you give. Be patient and kind with yourself, your friends, your family, those most important to you. We all have moments of question, moments of doubt and weakness, times of uncertainty. Our faith and resolve during these times will carry us through and hopefully propel some along with us.

We all love to receive gifts, praise and love, reluctantly we sometimes wait for others to give first before we reciprocate. Be generous with your love, be kind with your words for it is not “how much someone got or spent” that matters but how much we have freely given of ourselves to those around us. Share the love this holiday season, be the first to say “Merry Christmas”, be the first to offer praise, your gift of positivism will return multi-fold.

Give yourself the greatest gift of all, spread the love, give from your heart, let people know how much you care, how important they are to you and why this holiday means that much more having them be a part of it.

The Next Step

With each day that we wake with hearts full of appreciation, thankfulness and love we add to our solid foundation. We are building the foundation for what will become our strength in moments of weakness, moments of self-doubt, uncertainty. At the center of this foundation, the main pillar of strength is Jesus Christ. Whether it be through prayer, devotion, attendance at your local church, a small gathering of like-minded people. It is important to put your faith in trust in the Lord. It is not enough to just say you believe, or attend a service without being spiritually present. God knows what is in your heart, he is waiting for you to trust in him, to give your worries and troubles to him. Each step shortens the gap to the next, changing our attitude was a great first step, an excellent step would be placing your absolute trust and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is no special test, no application required, no specific course of actions other than asking for forgiveness, giving your heart and life freely to him, cast upon him all your worries and troubles.

Merry Christmas – The Beginning of Your New Life

Merry Christmas, God bless you all this holiday season. There will be moments of uncertainty, you will feel overwhelmed at times, unsure which direction to turn next. Keep your focus on the reason for the season, put your faith in God, cast your worries upon him, he will carry you through whatever may be sprung upon you. May you have a peaceful, positive, loving Christmas and holiday season. Enjoy your friends, family and loved ones, give them the most important gift of all, a gift from the heart, your gift of love and appreciation.





Happiness – It Comes From Within

Snow HeartHappiness, what is it, where does it come from, how can we find it? Why does it seem easier to focus on the negative, why does life seem so difficult some days? Why does everything have to be so hard? I used to find myself asking those questions, some days I still do. The difference between then and now… I found the secret to being HAPPY, I found that life can be whatever we make it, true happiness comes from within, it can’t be found in a store, on a phone, with another person. We seem to endlessly search for happiness in all the wrong places. Material objects, other people, activities all provide us with a temporary satisfaction yet leave us wanting more. We are constantly pursuing that next satisfaction, that next moment of happiness, when true happiness does not come from a thing, person or activity. True happiness, inner peace, living in the moment all comes from inside you. The secret to this inner peace, comes from a positive mindset, an unwavering spiritual faith and a belief that everything will work out exactly the way it is supposed to.

What makes you happy

We pursue the latest fashion trend, newest tech gadget, hottest new car, biggest house in hopes that it will fill that insatiable void inside of us. These things are temporary but society has programmed us to believe they will make us HAPPY. They do provide temporary satisfaction and a momentary sense of fulfillment. They make us HAPPY, or what we think is happy, for a short time. After the temporary happiness subsides, we look for more, we want more stuff, someone else to make us happy, bigger, better, MORE!! It is a vicious, never ending cycle. We want, we get, we are satisfied and the cycle repeats. We can all be happy, we can all be positive, we can all have inner peace and harmony, we just need to know where to look.

The Center of Life

We go through phases were things are going well and everything is running smoothly. Feeling pretty good about where we are and what is going on at the moment. The good times are just that good but what happens when you fall from the peak, where do you turn when things are bleak, times are dark and the whole world seems to be against you. Without a solid rock, solid foundation, it is difficult to see how anything good can happen, you are trapped, stuck!! Our Lord and Savior can and will turn any situation into something positive, he will lead you exactly where you need to go. With God as your center, the primary focus, foundation of your life, it will not matter what life throws at you, your faith will guide you through the darkness and deliver you into the light. There is no magic elixir, no secret recipe, no elaborate combination of steps needed to turn your life into something positive, productive and satisfying. Letting go of the material world’s vices, changing your attitude, re positioning your focus, believing in God and searching for the positive in every situation will set you on the path to happiness.

Negative vs. Positive

Negativity is highly contagious and destructive, it can create a blindfold that prevents you from seeing the good things in life. It will consume your energy, make you feel tired and erode your drive and ambition. Changing your mindset to only focus on the positive is a lifelong pursuit. I won’t lie to you, it is very challenging some days, other days it comes very easy. The choice that we have to make in focusing on the positive is a conscious one, unfortunately we live in a very negative world. We are constantly inundated with negative energy coming at us from all angles, our phones, TVs, internet, other people…on and on. In the course of a single day, the negative energy we experience is multi-fold compared to the positive energy we encounter. The contrast is the strength and potency of the positive energy. The powerful effect of a heartwarming story, an encounter with a person with a love for life, a simple smile or kind word from a stranger can change your entire day, spin you around 180 degrees, put you on top of the world in the blink of an eye.

Where do I Start

“A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

Start small, take manageable steps, it is a marathon not a sprint. It will not happen overnight or in the blink of an eye. For me personally, it started with positive reaffirmation, give thanks for the blessings in your life. When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself “What am I thankful for today?” Start with a single thing today, add another item each day, before you know it you have a whole list of things to be thankful for, blessings you used to take for granted are suddenly at the forefront of your thought. When something happens during the day, look for the good in the situation, walk away from the bad, disregard the negative. When you go to sleep at night, ask yourself what were the good things that happened today and focus on them. Close your eyes at night with a smile on your face and peace in your heart.


Happiness is a choice, we cannot control the things that happen to us each day. The only thing we can control is how we react, how we choose to see the world and the outlook we have, be it positive or negative. There are no good days or bad days, there are just days, we decide within ourselves if they are good or bad. Life is a choice, how will you choose to live your life today, what will you be thankful for, what are the blessings in your life? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I only hope that I can help someone who is having a difficult time take that first step, because all starts within you. Have a great day, God Bless!!!